ESPL: Data Security

Data Security

Customer's Concern – “Will our data be secured and in safe hands?“

We comprehend this concern and have implemented certified data security systems.

ESPL: Certificate


German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) has started a new organization named as ENX (European Network Exchange). ENX has initiated information security assessment (ISA) program called as “TISAX” (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) for all German automotive suppliers. ESPL is one of the first Indian companies to get TISAX assessment label. Kindly contact us to know more about ESPL’s TISAX assessment.

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ESPL: Certification, Physical, Logical and Legal Controls


  • ISO27001: 2013

Physical Controls

  • Implementation of access control systems
  • Installation of survellience camera
  • Control access to Customer dedicated Project Offices
  • 24 X 7 security guards

Logical Controls

  • Implementation of advanced Firewall
  • Managed switch for logical partitioning
  • Secured email servers
  • Encrypted data transfer

Legal Controls

  • Confidentiality agreement with employees and customers
  • No sub-contracting without customer’s approval